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Top 5 Time Tracking Chrome Extensions | Free To Use

Have you ever been so invested in something that you lost track of time? You could be finishing up a task, and the next moment, you may find yourself scrolling on social media. Well, it happens to the best of our abilities. It is not easy to keep track of every task that you are doing, especially when you have so many things on your plate. A smart way of tracking your time is with the help of a free time tracker extension. The time tracker extensions will run in the background and record the time you’ve spent on each task. Moreover, these extensions can also integrate with several tools that will help you make smart choices and improve your productivity.

Top 5 Time Tracker Extensions

Do you find yourself scrolling through reels and losing track of what you were actually meant to do? Or, during work meetings, have you been asked what you have been working on this month? Well, do not worry; a free time tracker Chrome extension will help you answer these questions. Given below are the top five time tracking extensions in 2024 that you need to check out ASAP.

SnoTime tracker extension
1Buddy Punch
5Toggl Browser Extension

What to look for in a time tracker extensions

If you’re a business owner or freelancer, timing your work can help you maintain your schedule. Although you may find several time tracker extensions, very few are free and offer the best features. So consider the following features when looking for a time tracker extension.

  • Real-time tracking- Many time tracking extensions work in real-time, meaning they start recording the moment you begin a task.
  • Review and edit timesheet- Choose extensions that you can use to review and edit the timesheet to add important notes and descriptions.
  • Regular reports- Get a time tracker extension that provides daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports on the time spent on different tasks.
  • Export data- Export and share your report with your team members or colleagues in the form of PDFs, CSVs or Google Sheets.
  • Multiple access points- You need a versatile time tracker that can start a timer from the browser, app, desktop or mobile device.

1. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a great time tracker extension for businesses. With the help of this extension, users can easily and accurately record time through a web browser. It is a user-friendly tool that offers several features. You can monitor your project duration, and it can also help with the payroll process. All and all, it is a great extension to improve your productivity at the workplace. It works well for both small businesses and large businesses, making it a widely popular free time tracker Chrome extension. Users can download this extension for free from the Chrome web store.


  • Webcam verification for employees
  • Detailed real-time insights to track overtime
  • QR scanning that helps to punch in/out
  • Facial recognition system

2. Clockify Extension

The Clockify time tracker Chrome extension enables users to keep track of time spent on different tasks. It is a great tool to measure your productivity when working on projects and to measure the time spent on each client. Users can directly track the time on the tab they are working on, which they can start or stop manually or with the help of a shortcut. Apart from this, it integrates with several productivity tools such as Trello, Jira, Asana and many others. This ensures easy time tracking across various apps so that you do not have to open and close the timer every time you switch apps.


  • Integrates with more than 50 productivity apps
  • Can set reminders
  • Automatic clock-in and clock outs
  • Detects and removes inactivity period

3. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is another great time tracker extension for businesses. If you are looking for a tool to accurately record employees’ clock-in and clock-out times, Hubstaff is for you. You can add notes to the time entries and see how much time was spent on each task. It offers a free plan that provides users with basic time-tracking features. Hubstaff helps users improve their productivity and stay on schedule with their work. It has several features that can help businesses stay up to date. This includes monitoring the employee’s attendance and tracking the time dedicated to different client projects.


  • Accurate and automatic time tracking, no need for manual time recording
  • Flexible payroll system for businesses to schedule the time for payouts
  • Integrate with platforms such as Teamwork and Asana
  • Track real-time reports to see who is working currently

4. Jibble

If you are looking for a free time tracking Chrome extension, Jibble is the perfect fit for your browser. It has a very seamless interface that is easy to use and helps you stay on top of your work. Users can clock in by pressing a single button and clock out by either setting a shortcut or setting an automatic clock out. It can be integrated with popular apps such as Google Docs, Calendar, and Google Sheets. This helps you to better manage your tasks and allows you to track time spent on each app. This extension can also track various tasks at the same time and also generate a time report.


  • Works with popular apps like Notion and Jira
  • Sync across different platforms
  • Can initiate the timer starting from a particular text
  • Lightweight extension and easy-to-navigate

5. Toggl Browser Extension

Toggle is a time tracker Chrome extension that can integrate with over 100 productivity tools. It tracks time automatically without having to switch between different tabs. All you have to do is click the timer button to start, and it will be recorded in the time sheet. The timesheet keeps a record of all your tasks, what you’ve done, and the time spent on each app. You can also edit or delete the timesheet. Users no longer have to manually input and record the time every time they finish a task. Instead, they can just use the Toggl Browser extension to manage time tracking efficiently and conveniently.


  • Easy to review and modify the time entries
  • Can immediately start time tracking on opening the browser
  • Integrates with tools such as Google Calendar, Xero, Gmail, Outlook and more
  • Can get time reports in the form of pdf


You no longer have to manually keep track of the time spent on your tasks. Instead, you can get a free time tracking Chrome extension that lets it do the job for you. These extensions accurately track the time spent across various tools such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Outlook, Jira and many others. They offer several benefits, such as real-time tracking, QR scanning for checking in/out and regular reports. These features truly make your life a lot easier and help you perform better in terms of productivity and time management. end the conclusion in a better way. 


Q1. From where can I download a time tracker Chrome extension?

Ans. You can download a free time tracker Chrome extension from the Chrome web store. All you have to do is visit the store, search for the extension name and then download it.

Q2. What are some free time tracker extensions?

Ans. Jibble, Clockify, Hubstaff, Toggl and Buddy Punch are the free time tracker Chrome extension. They are free to install and use.

Q3. Which time tracker extension is the best for businesses?

Ans. Buddy Punch and Hubstaff are some of the best time tracker extensions for businesses. These extensions help businesses manage their schedules better.

Q4. Can I edit the timesheet using a time tracker extension?

Ans. Yes, you can edit the timesheet on most time tracker extensions. In case there is some period of inactivity, you can edit and add notes to the timesheet or if you were handling some important calls in the middle of a task, you can add a description.

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